Saving lives on our roads.

Certas Energy is the largest fuel distributor in the UK and they're working with DFA to save lives on our roads.


As a professional driver or someone who drives regularly as part of your profession, you could find yourself first at the scene of a road traffic collision (RTC).

Would you know what to do?

With DFA’s training you could save someone's life, allowing him or her to return home to their family, as they expected they would before setting out that day.

You could help the emergency services by ensuring they get to an incident quicker, with the right equipment and advanced knowledge of the situation awaiting them.

Who knows, one day you may be involved in an RTC yourself – and owe your life to someone else who joined DFA.


As a transport operator or employer of fleet drivers you hold the key to maximising the number of lives that DFA members can save at the roadside.

In managing the scene at an RTC, DFA members provide the emergency services with vital information; ensuring they get there quicker and with the appropriate resources. This results in roads reopening faster, minimising disruption and keeping your business on the move.

The more DFA members there are, the more effective we can be. But we don't expect you to train all your drivers. After all, it is not everyone that would want to become involved.

However, if every company aims to be represented by at least one DFA member, what a difference that would make.

A big ask? First aid training for the workplace is routine practice, so why not for the road network, which according to the Health & Safety Executive, is the most dangerous workplace in the UK?

Why not get a group together?

Whether you're an individual driver or part of a small group of companies, you might want to organise a training group in your area.

We can help you to do this and provide you with generous discounts to attract others.

Why not download our flyers to print off and distribute amongst friends or give us a call to find out more.

Support Us

Sponsoring DFA is a unique opportunity to have your company name and logo associated with a new and dynamic approach to minimising RTC fatalities. We have a number of opportunities for companies to work in partnership with us as sponsors.

Support us using your vehicles.

What better way to help improve the image of the transport industry and express your company's support for Driver First Assist than to sport the DFA decal on your vehicle and trailers? Contact us to find out more.

If you don't have vehicles to sport our decals but would like to help us in our quest to reduce the number of people killed on our roads we would be delighted to hear from you.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can help us and how we can raise your profile in return.

To listen to what the experts say about DFA, click on the videos below.

Sir Keith Porter

Professor of Clinical Traumatology

Queen Elizabeth II Hospital


Steve Rounds

Former Traffic Officer

Central Motorway Police Group

DFA Senior Trainer